Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New rules on Visas on Arrival

Previously, visas on arrival were non-extendable. They were available for ONE MONTH, and then you needed to leave the country. As of 2010, visas on arrival are now renewable for one extra month, at a cost of $25 US, allowing you now 2 months in Indonesia.
If you are planning to stay longer, the Social Visa is your best option. This allows you 2 months on arrival, and is extendable monthly for up to 6 months.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bond and Cruising Permits

Currently, nothing seems to be progressing with the bond situation, and there is whispers that there may be a "tracking devise" system implemented, via the Tourism Board. Discussions are still being held in Jakarta, and in all truth, nothing will happen to change the usual formalities of cruising in Indonesia this year. It seems as if the BOND issue has been finally discussed by the powers to be in Jakarta, and this has bought on the discussions of a nationally recognized system. Hopefully, this will stop any Localised misuse of the bond. So, once not pay this bond. Offer to take a photo(of the official or agent attempting to extort you) , or to call Jakarta Customs, and you should find they will quickly back down.
Indonesia truely is a fantastic place, but its politics are not black and be prepared to blur the edges a little. Have fun.....

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A WEE Note on BOND!!!

Yes, as an active cruiser myself, I am also highly aware of, sensitive to, and confused by this BOND.
I have many questions, and people asking me for verification as to what this BOND means for US to sail in Indonesia. Many people also wish for exemption from this bond....but I cannot provide this, as it is actually customs which is enforcing this BOND.
On top of all that, it has been linguring in several ports for years, and seems to be twisted into meaning what ever the local Customs officials wish it to.
I will say that my contacts in Jakarta are attending meetings, and hoping for a positive result within the next two months, ie a flag of exemption to fly for those of us who already have our CAITS. It looks as though, this too, will incur a fee!!
Im with you...havnt we paid enough already?
Im sorry to inform you that BALI is now asking for a fee of further Sponsor to cover this bond (which is a law that is not even supposed to relate to cruising vessels!)

OFF the record........
*40 boats of mine have cleared into Indonesia this year WITH NO MENTION OF THE BOND. I had instructed boats to stay clear of KUPANG, and now unfortunately, advising not to clear in in BALI!!!
* We have sailed in Indonesia for the past 4 years, and have not been asked once for this bond.
* My contacts in Jakarta are doing all they can to clarify this bond, as am I, as Indonesia is such a beautiful country, and it is such a shame to see localised corruption affecting the experience of sailing there. Please, if you wish to send a letter to me, addressed to Customs Official, Indonesia, please do so, and I will continue to forward them on. My aim is not just to get clearance from this BOND, but to assist to abolish it!

WHAT IF YOU GET ASKED FOR THIS BOND: As far as I know, no one has paid for this Bond, and my advise is NOT to part with any money or passports. If the officials get a bit heavy, tell them you have PAID your CAIT, your VISA and you have been SPONSORED to be there by a LOCAL (if you have a Sponsor letter) You DO NOT want to IMPORT the boat, and your CAIT is PROOF of your ENTRY and EXIT to Indonesia. If they continue to make a problem, leave the port, and clear in at the next one.
Please let me know where you have both positive and negative experiences. My aim to to PRAIS the ports who make it easy so they will continue to do so, and therefore attract most of the custom.
So much for a wee note...but its hard to clarify something that isnt entirely clear.
Please have looks as though nothing is moving quickly.

CURRENTLY CRUISING: contact to continue your CAIT whilst I am absent.

Hi there, thank you for contacting me in reference to your Indonesian Cruising permit and Sponsor letters. As I too am an active cruiser in Indonesia, I am currently hesitant to process your CAIT this month. I will be in remote areas of Aceh and Western Sumatra, and will have limited internet access. I know how important your CAIT processing is and I would hate to delay your cruise any further by being out of contact.
I can refer you to my colleague, Lytha, who will be happy to assist you with all your needs in my absence. She can be contacted on
Please feel free to email me, but my response this month may be delayed. I hope you have a fantastic journey in Indonesia, as we always do. Perhaps we will see you there.
Best Regards, and Safe Sailing,
Rachel Robertson

Please also look at my blog for information on CAITS and Embassies etc.

You an indeed try to contact me but I am currently unable to physically process your CAIT. I will return in August.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Current Prices and Payment Options:

Cruising Indonesia aims at providing you prompt Indonesian Cruising Permits at a very competitive price. Our officials in Jakarta have been providing this service for over 20 years.
Currently our prices are :
CAIT: 1,850,000 Indonesian Rupiah
Sponsor Letter: 350,000 Indonesian Rupiah for up to 4 people listed on your CAIT!! (minimal charge per person thereafter)

There are extra charges for your Original Cait to be posted to you, depending on where you wish it sent. See below for prices and details.
CAITS are emailed to you within 3 weeks, and your originals in 4 weeks.
Payment options are..........

Direct deposit into AUSTRALIAN bank account..(there will be an added charge for my extra transaction fees)
Western Union Direct Payment to Jakarta.
Direct Payment to me personally..currently in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.
Rachel Honey

Friday, January 30, 2009


When you email to me your copies of passports for your Indonesian Cruising Permits, and your copies of boat registration, please send as a, a downsized photo doc. These are easy for me to check, and forward to my officials in Jakarta. Also, please check that your passoprt is valid for 6 Months from the date of arrival into INdonesia, otherwise, you will not be let through customs!!!!
Cruising Permits for Indonesia are also capable of extension for 3 more months after your first CAIT.This is called a PROLONGATION. However, you will have to then take your vessel out of Indonesian waters so as to avoid the legalities of the "bond" or importing your boat.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Q: How and How Much does it cost to recieve my Original Copies? A:POSTAGE COSTS FOR CAITS AND SPONSOR LETTERS

I have been informed of the following extra prices: These are for the original CAITS and Sponsorship letters to be posted to you. However, if your CAIT is sent to an agent in Indonesia, (see below agent details) there is a small charge of 100,000 Rupiah. Please be aware that you will need to be clearing in in these ports, and most likely, using the agent for clearence procedures. I am unsure of their personal fees for assistance. If you need their details to contact them, please let me know. If it is your first time in Indonesia, most people use an agent anyway for clearence, as it can sometimes be a confusing and "adventurous" experience!

Here is the cost to send mail by courier to:

- Darwin and Sydney: US$ 18.36 or about Rp 220.000,-
- Singapore : US$ 7,20 or about Rp 86.000,-
- Thailand : US$ 12.96 or about Rp 155.000,-
- Malaysia : US$ 12.96 or about Rp 155.000,-

If you do not want to have the cost of this courier service, we can have them sent to our agents in Indonesia or if you ask us to send to them, and you contact the courier services themselves, say DHL or FEDEX and pay the cost directly to this courier service where you are.

Agents are in teh following ports:

1. Sumatera : Pulau Weh : Mr. Sukiman

2. Bali : Wayan Sumartha Junior

3. Kupang : Mr. Napa Rahman

4. Makassar : Mr. Arifuddin

5. Batam : Mr. Dance Wongkaren

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Q: How can I pay for my CAIT? A:Payment options

Currently I am happy to offer 3 different payment options.

1: Direct payment into my Australian Bank Account: A fee will be charged for International Transfer from this account to the office in Jakarta.

2: Direct payment to the Jakarta office via Western Union. All fees are paid by yourselves.

3: Direct Personal Payment to me. I am currently based in Asia. Please contact me for further details.

Thank you

WHAT IS A CAIT???????????????

WHAT IS A CAIT: A CAIT is a Cruising Permit for your vessel. If you travel through Indonesia on your boat, you must have a CAIT. A CAIT, or Cruising Permit, lasts for 3 months, and begins on the day YOU STATE, not your date of entry. Currently it costs 1,850,000 Rupiah. All passengers travelling on your boat need to be written on your CAIT.

WHAT IS A SPONSOR LETTER?: A Sponsor letter is supplied by your CAIT provider. This allows you to apply for a SOCIAL/CULTURAL visa, which lasts for 60 days from the date of clearence into Indonesia. You can then extend this visa within Indonesia. A visa on arrival only lasts 30 days, and cannot be renewed within Indonesia. You must leave the country. Both CAIT and Sponsor letter take 4 weeks for original and an emailed copy can be supplied in approx 3 weeks. This Sponsor letter is then needed to take to your nearest Indonesian Embassy to apply for a Visa. You cannot get a Social Visa without a Sponsor letter.